Dr. Shanti Raj

PhD in Wellness (Alternative Medicine)
Master’s in Preventive Health
(Majoring in Weight Management, Skin & Beauty)
Certified Training & Development Master Coach
Certified International Image & Styling Consultant
Certified Proficiency Beauty & Aesthetic Consultant
Certified Mind Science
(Hypnotherapy & Timeline Therapy Practitioner)
Certified Ayurveda Massage Therapist
Certified Adult & Kids International Yoga Instructor

About Shanti Raj

Shanti Raj has over 30 years of experience in the corporate world, with vast exposure in East and Peninsula Malaysia. She began her Corporate career with American Express and moved on to Avon in 1993. 26 years of high performance in the MNC environment has molded her into one of the most highly sought Master Trainer & Coach; having trained more than 50,000 Avon Sales Reps. She is a go-getter & has the excellent track record to prove it.

As a Zone Manager, she consistently met and exceeded her KPIs and was awarded the 100% Club Sales Achiever recognition for 17 consecutive years. She was also one of the Top 10 Sales Achievers for 7 years in a row, achieving the President’s Challenge Award and produced numerous top Avon Sales Reps consistently for 21 years. Her outstanding achievements won her multiple incentive trips to more than 30 international destinations.

With her long-term successful tenure, seniority and award achievements she was then promoted within the organization to Training & Development Manager to build similar success stories by coaching and mentoring Zone Managers and Avon Reps at the national level.

Passionate about wellbeing & the art of mindfulness, she further equipped herself with Wellness & Mind Science credentials. She is currently pursuing her Degree in Psychology and Cambridge Diploma in Teaching & Learning.

As a seasoned Trainer, Coach, Mentor, Motivator, Wellness Expert and a Certified Image Consultant; she dons multiple hats with perfect élan; and ventured into Corporate Training to share similar success stories. Her training topics consist of Communication, Personal Branding & Professional Image, Sales Development, Coaching & Mentoring, Aesthetic Wellness, The Art of Mindfulness & Stress Management. To date, she has trained multiple groups of talents with full dedication and commitment using the methodology of Experiential Learning.

Her pleasant personality and wonderful charisma blend well with people of all ages, cultures and nationalities. She practices and instils the 5 Core Values of BIRTH; Belief, Integrity, Respect, Trust and Humility for personal development. Shanti’s excellent interpersonal skills and proven track record have made her an inspiration to many. To allow her talents to have continuous growth with a positive mindset, she infuses elements of Timeline Therapy goal-setting fundamentals.

She is passionate in inspiring lives and transforming people via their own empowerment.
She is a staunch believer that the relationship between performance and leadership is tightly interwoven. Her energetic and driven approach ignites the passion in others, enabling their success.

When training, she believes strongly that;

“When the audience is entertained, they will remember and learn”.

Shanti’s Profile at A Glance:
  • PhD in Alternative Medicine
  • Master in Preventive Health
  • Diploma in Wellness
  • Certified Executive Wellness Planner
  • Certified Image Consultant
  • Certified Proficiency in Intensive Beauty Consultant
  • Certified Timeline Therapy Consultant
  • Certified Advance Hypnotherapy Consultant
Multiple Awards Achieved:
  • 100 % Sales Achiever for 17 consecutive years; 1993 – 2009
  • Top 10 Sales Achiever for 7 consecutive years; 2003 – 2009
  • Achieved Managing Top Producers Challenge for 19 consecutive years; 1993 – 2011
  • Super Hit Challenge Achiever for 6 years; 2003, 2005, 2009 – 2012
  • Special September & December Performance for 3 consecutive years 2011 – 2013
  • President Challenge Awards 2003 -2006
International Destinations Achievements:
  • New York

  • Los Angeles

  • Mexico

  • Amsterdam

  • Frankfurt

  • San Francisco

  • Moscow

  • Rome

  • Las Vegas

  • St Petersburg

  • Brussels

  • Istanbul

  • Washington

  • Cairo

  • Macau

  • Cape Town

  • Guangzhou

  • Paris

  • Tokyo

  • Dubai

  • London

  • Athens

  • Istanbul

  • Johannesburg

  • Delhi

  • Cebu

  • Bangkok

  • Phuket

  • Hat Yai

  • Bandung

  • Jakarta

  • Medan

Companies That She Has Trained:
  • Avon Cosmetics (M) Sdn Bhd
  • Kinabalu Commercial College,KK
  • Sabah Tourism Board ,KK
  • Sabah Bank, KK
  • Capital Investment Bank Ltd Lbn.
  • Royal Malaysia Police ACA, KK
  • Women Police Force Division
  • Hospital Queen Elizabeth, KK
  • Kinabalu Hotel,KK
  • Hotel Hyatt Kinabalu
  • Shang-Ri La Tanjung Aru Resort
  • Nexus Resort, KK
  • Jesselton Hotel, KK
  • Sutera Harbour Resort,KK
  • Labuan Hotel,WP
  • Promenade Hotel KK
  • Promenade Hotel Tawau
  • Labuan Waterfront Resort,WP
  • Center Point Mall Sabah,KK
  • Wawasan Mall, KK
  • Palace of The Golden Hotel
  • Mines Wellness Hotel,KL
  • Mines Shopping Complex
  • South City Plaza Management
  • Metro Inn Kajang
  • Private Jet Liner’s KL
  • Jet Liner International Penang
  • Unilever, Aviance Malaysia
  • Public Training Programs
  • River Cruise Melaka
  • PKT Logistics Group Sdn Bhd
  • Unitar Capital Sdn Bhd
  • Swiss Garden Hotel Kuantan
  • Uni Tech Petronas
  • Matrix Concept Holdings Berhad
Universities/Colleges That She Has Trained:
  • New Era Kolej, Kajang
  • Maktab Sabah
  • Kinabalu Comercial College
  • Kolej Komuniti Hulu Langat
  • Universiti Nottingham, Broga
  • KPTM Bangi
  • UPM Serdang
  • UPM Bangi
  • Kolej Mutiara Kajang
  • Poly-Tech MARA Bangi
  • Mara Kajang
  • Kolej Vokasional Kajang
  • Segi Kolej, Seri Kembangan
  • Kolej Matrikulasi Banting
  • Kolej Profesional MARA
  • Kolej Bandar Utama
  • Asia Pacific University
  • First City University College
  • Kuala Lumpur University
  • UPSI Perak
  • Unitar Capital
  • Uni KL
  • KDU First Uni
  • Politeknik Merlimau Melaka